Why Buy from Us

Why buy from known but highly expensive, age old technology, machine full of chain, belt and ‘attention hungry’ parts clubbed with poor ‘after service support’ company. Our Alphie mixer features and finish are far superior than competitors. They come with much improvised technology and practically maintenance free design. We offer all kind of customisation to suit customer need. We are Indian and we are highly reliable.

Satisfied Customer Base Across The Globe

Value for Money

Our mixers are competatively priced making them affordable to wide span of industry. In many cases, customers have found our new machine cost lower than second hand imported machine.

Compared to the age old technology and high cost of proven imported machines – alphie mixers are relatively simple and economic giving similar or even better results.

User Friendly Design

Alphie mixers are designed and patented (applied for) to produce similar 3 dimensional motion with simplified mechanism, which does not use wear and maintenance pro parts like chain / bush / block etc.

Our 3 and 10 Ltr machines are maintenance free, as there is no wear / replacable part needing attention.

HEXAGON Design Phylosophy

Design Function

Fulfilling functional aspects are the basic reasons of making new design. Giving simple solution to the complex problem. More than 70% product cost is committed at design stage itself!

Design for Manufacturing and Assembly

‘Roof is the limit and not sky’. Designs produced are visualised for manufacturability and practical constraints / limitations. They are ‘Planned to produce’ at design stage itself.

Design for Maintainability

Considering the ‘End user’ in mind along with his likes, comfort, skill level and inclination towards using and repairing the machine.

Design for Safety

Safer product by virtue of design itself. Adequacy of protection guards, interlocks and Fool-proof safety features.

Design for Aesthetics and Ergonomics

Considering the requirements of Ergonomics and Aesthetics at the design stage.

Free Lab Trial Before Purchase

We offer free Lab Trial for potential buyers, to try this mixer for their satisfcation for results. We very well understand the importance of setting process parameters before buying new product. We offer various parameter combination trials till customer satisfaction, before deciding to buy this machine.

Innovation, Research & Development:

As part of Hexagon’s activities to nurture future talent and come out with innovations, we founded ‘Hexagon – The Knowledge Centre’. Hexagon is a DSIR (Department of Science and Industrial Research under Govt of India) recognized Product Development & Research centre. Bringing together decades of machine design experience, Hexagon is the ideal partner to offer a wide range of customisation services to suit your mixing requirements.

With our large internal know-how and a reliable and proven network of external partners, we are able to manage your project demands quickly and with absolute confidence.

Quality Product

Alphie is registered trademark of Hexagon for three dimensional mixer.

Hexagon is the manufacturer of this machine based on their own technology. Every machine is designed, built, inspected and despatched from our factory.

We follow ISO 9001 quality system guidelines and strive for continuous improvements in product and process.

Prompt After Sales Support

Hexagon has team of well trained and experience engineers, who are ready to offer prompt after sales support be it for break down or trying a new product or needing some know how on processing side. We are just a phone call away.

We provide complete product documentation in terms of Installation, Operation and Maintenance instructions along with the machine. This is full of illustrations, sketches and drawings for self learning.