What is ALPHIE®

The motion of ALPHIE is based on the kinematic Inversion Principle (after Paul Schatz). The unusual, 3-dimensional mixing motion quickly and efficiently produces a homogeneous substance regardless of specific weight of the substances being mixed. This makes it an ideal powder blender or liquid mixer. We manufacture the mixer in Laboratory model to high capacity production models with customisation as per customer requirements.

The extraordinary efficiency of the Alphie Mixer is based on the introduction of a well established type of kinematic principle. In addition to the traditional principal motions of rotation and translation, a third fundamental motion of is present. This third fundamental motion of inversion subjects the contents of the mixing container to two alternating, rhythmic pulsating motions which have the effect of continuously compressing and thinning out the container.

The alternative acceleration and retardation of particles along changing paths can be seen from the path of motion traveled by the axis of the mixing chamber. The surges in the material constantly change energy gradients resulting in superior blends; it is an ordered motion for distribution rather than the random motion of conventional mixers.