Potentization Rise using Alphie Shaker Mixer

Potentization in the homeopathic procedure of dilution is successfully arrived in Alphie 3D Shaker Mixer. First, 1 mL of the “mother tincture”, the crude ethanolic extract of Lycopodium clavatum, is diluted with 30–90% ethanol. Same is filled in bottle and fitted in Alphie Shake Mixer and rotated at 20 […]

Pain Relievers

Alphie 3D Mixer for pain reliever premixes work for a broad array of products including headache powders, powdered aspirin and products manufactured in liquid, capsule or tablet form.
We offer Alphie in full GMP version in Laboratory, Pilot and Full production scale with all supplementary equipment. We also support by […]

Protein Drinks

Trials have proven the suitability of 3D mixer Alphie as superior blender for Protein drinks compared to conventional blenders. The benefit of removable container makes it ideal for ‘Human touch free’ mixing and not being exposed to atmosphere.
We have proven Alphie suitability for blending whey, casein “milk”, egg white, […]

Micro Dose Formulation Mixing

Ordered mixtures are used to increase the dissolution rate of poorly soluble drugs by using a water-soluble carrier and the appropriate covering of the coarser carrier particles with drug.
In micro-dose formulations, ordered mixing increases the homogeneity of the powder blend and thus, it is used to control the content […]

Lung Cancer Drug Formulation

Now a days, the death rate is very high associated with primary and metastatic lung cancer. The Airway Administration (known cure for patients with lung cancer) mode would be more effective if inhaled particles had a homogeneous and narrower particle size distribution giving better site-specific attack.
Recently, micro- and nano-particle […]

Formulation of Orally Disintegrating Mini-Tablets (ODMTs)

Alphie mixer is extensively used to Produce a dosage form especially suitable for paediatric (healer of children) use.
Orally disintegrating mini-tablets are designed to disintegrate within a few seconds in the oral cavity. ODMTs is very beneficial because – it gives pleasant mouthfeel, the decrease of swallowing And choking issues […]

Melt Extruded Amorphous Formulations of Poorly Bio – Available Immunosuppressants

Alphie mixer was used in study of “Melt Extruded Amorphous Formulations of Poorly Bio – Available Immunosuppressants”
The current status of organ transplantation and the post-operative care using immunosuppressants brings us to the drugs that play a pivotal role in prevention of transplant rejection. Two potent immunosuppressant drugs, tacrolimus and […]