Cocoa and Chocolate

GMP version of Alphie mixer, with removable drum provides gentle and effective mixing of cocoa and chocolate powder with other ingredients such as sugar, vitamins, minerals, sodium ascorbate and many others.  Typical products include hot cocoa mixes, powdered drink mixes, cake mixes and ice cream coatings.

Protein Drinks

Trials have proven the suitability of 3D mixer Alphie as superior blender for Protein drinks compared to conventional blenders. The benefit of removable container makes it ideal for ‘Human touch free’ mixing and not being exposed to atmosphere.
We have proven Alphie suitability for blending whey, casein “milk”, egg white, […]

Animal Nutritionals

3D Mixing as animal nutrition processing mixer is perfectly suited for blending nutritional pre-mixes suitable for products such as canned pet food, baked biscuits and treats, baked pet food, dried treats, semi-moist pet food and treats, smoked treats and more.
The rotational and shaking movement of mixing drum adds efficiency […]

Vitamin and mineral powder mixing

Alphie is ideal vitamin and mineral powder mixing equipment for blending dietary supplements and vitamin powder pre-mixes.  Pre-mixes may include vitamins, minerals, fiber, fatty acids or difficult to process amino acids.  Wet ingredients including vitamins may be added to the blend through atomizing spray nozzles.