Foam producing from Aluminum powder and others

3D Shaker Mixer like Alphie has proven its use in mixing pure Al powder and pre alloyed such powders. They may be further added with reinforcing elements and SiC along with TiH2 as foaming agent. Homogeneous mixture after mixing in a separate removable container is then compacted, sintered and […]

Mixing friable Uranium Dioxide granules

Alphie has replaced use of conventional barrel type of mixers for uniform mixing of Uranium dioxide granules with bonding agents. The 3D mixing not only resulted in uniform mixing, but reduced the mixing time by half.
Alphie is being used in country’s Nuclear Fuel manufacturing factory.

Diamond Coring Bit Powder Mixing

For the application for producing diamond bits – used for drilling in concrete, reinforced concrete, masonry, and other natural materials, customer wanted to mix Tungsten carbide, Cobalt and synthetic diamond for making best quality drilling bits.
We offered our Alphie -3 mixer, which is running single phase power and works […]

Grinding Wheel Powder Mixing

Grinding wheels are made of natural or synthetic abrasive minerals bonded together in a matrix to form a wheel. The challenge in mixing is to mix Phenolic Resin and diamond abrasive grains, to get most homogeneous mixing.
Customer was using conventional drum mixer or other so called uniform mixer. We […]

Tungsten Carbide Powder Mixer

Very uniform and homogeneous mixing is required, to make balls used in defense and other related applications. The balls are densely pressed and sintered to the requirement.
20 kg of Tungsten (90%) along with Nickle and Iron is mixed to produce the mixture. It is further made in 6 mm […]

Metal Injection Molding (MIM) Powder Mixing

MIM process combines the design flexibility of plastic injection molding with the strength and integrity of wrought metals to offer cost effective solutions for highly complex part geometries.
Our customer – India’s one of the largest MIM product manufacturing company located in South India,
realised that Uniform blending is key to […]