Cocoa and Chocolate

GMP version of Alphie mixer, with removable drum provides gentle and effective mixing of cocoa and chocolate powder with other ingredients such as sugar, vitamins, minerals, sodium ascorbate and many others.  Typical products include hot cocoa mixes, powdered drink mixes, cake mixes and ice cream coatings.

Protein Drinks

Trials have proven the suitability of 3D mixer Alphie as superior blender for Protein drinks compared to conventional blenders. The benefit of removable container makes it ideal for ‘Human touch free’ mixing and not being exposed to atmosphere.
We have proven Alphie suitability for blending whey, casein “milk”, egg white, […]

Mixing of Spices

Alphie mixer is widely used for mixing spices. Below is small experiment we conducted.
It shows, the mixing happened in less than 2 min of cycle time.

Wheat Flour mixing with Cocoa

One of our customers is a Governmental Metrology lab, in service of standardizing the mixing quality of food powder. In one of their applications, they wanted to mix Wheat flour with cocoa powder for uniform mixing quality and setting benchmark for manufacturers.

We offered our Alphie 75 machine, with containers […]