Homogeneous mix of binary, ternary and Quaternary blended cement

Homogeneous mix of binary, ternary and Quaternary blended cements in dry state can be done in Alphie Mixer. The raw materials used for making blends were ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), fly ash, slag, calcined clay, limestone, calcium sulphate etc. The raw materials were having specific gravity ranging from 2.4 […]

Foam producing from Aluminum powder and others

3D Shaker Mixer like Alphie has proven its use in mixing pure Al powder and pre alloyed such powders. They may be further added with reinforcing elements and SiC along with TiH2 as foaming agent. Homogeneous mixture after mixing in a separate removable container is then compacted, sintered and […]

HVFA (High Volume Fly Ash) Mixture

3D Shaker Mixer like Alphie are used for a pre blending process of examined pastes of Type II and III cement, particular class fly ash and condensed silica fum in powder form, Cement kiln dust etc. All of these components are filled in a container and rotated at 35 […]

Cement and Ash Mixing

Recently, Alphie mixer was purchased and installed at one of the India’s premier engineering college – IITs. The mixer was placed in Civil engineering department for their research and study of mixing of cement and ash powder.
The research team sponsored by industry leader used Alphie mixer for generating results […]