Laboratory Capacity

Alphie mixer are ideal for homogeneous mixing of powder – be it with different bulk density or different proportion of mixing or different shape and particle size. The best part is, separate and detachable mixing drum / container / bin is loaded inside the mixing cage, meaning no cross contamination and exposure to work environment.

Alphie 3


  • Transparent safety guard inter locked with machine working.
  • Machine without belt / chain / bush etc. All bearings are life long lubricated.
  • HMI Based control panel with PLC & VFD. Speed and time change facility, Forward and Reverse cycle speed provision, Inching / Jogging facility with Recipe storage.
  • Easy to load fixed position machine stoppage.
  • With removable tray to collect accidentally spilled out powder.
  • Container fixing using crown – string technology, which allows user to accommodate any shape / material / size of container (as shown in picture).
  • We offer mixing container in various material like – Stainless, Carbon steel, aluminum, Rubber or PU coated etc. Ask for special material of your choice.
  • We offer CE Certified machines also.

Alphie 10

Note : Model offered in Powder coated Carbon steel and Stainless Steel GMP construction.

Specification Alphie 3 Alphie 10
Capacity (Ltr) 3 10
* Effective Capacity @ 80% (Ltr) 2.4 8
Max mixing mass (kg) 5 13
Motor Power 0.3 hp 0.5 hp
Power Supply Single Phase, 220 V Single Phase, 220 V
Container Revolution (rpm) 10 – 80 10 – 70
Max Container Size Dia 115 mm X
275 mm Long
Dia 220 mm X
350 mm Log
Machine Weight (kg) 75 145

* It is advisable to keep min. 20% empty volume in mixing container for better mixing.

Container Fixing using Crown – String


With the similar geometry of mixing container and a variable mixing time & container revolution, Alphie blender easily meets the fundamental requirements to scale up to pilot and production sizes from the laboratory volume.

For the similar property and nature powder blend, the scaling up is possible only by ensuring:

  • The % of filling volume (powder filled volume to total container volume)
  • The number of container revolutions and mixing time
  • The Froude number (dynamic scale factor)

An example of scaling up:

Experimenting in our 3 Ltr Alphie mixer with following parameters:
  • For 10 minutes.
  • At 60 RPM.
The same blending quality can be obtained in the Alphie mixer of 100 litres with the following conditions:
  • For 18 minutes.
  • At 33 RPM.

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