Customised Design

Apart from our standard feature packed models, we offer variety of customized and special design solutions as below. You can approach us, if you need this or another specific variant to suit your problem

Dual Cage in Single Machine

We offer multiple rotating drums fitted in single machine. So, one machine can mix variety of powders same time. This brings advantage of ability to mix two different powder in single machine same time. We can offer machine with more than 2 such rotating barrels as per customer need.

Hazardous Area

Hexagon offers ‘ES’ series mixers for Explosive and clean room applications – suitable for applications demanding mixing container isolated from the drive system for hazardous reasons. The mixer is manufactured and installed, so that the drive unit and Mixing unit are separated by a constructed wall. All exposed components are made from Non Ferrous material or Stainless steel.

Non Removable Barrel

The mixing barrel itself is fixed as the rotating cage. The powder to be mixed is simply filled in this rotating barrel. Such kind of configuration is suitable for single and fixed application. This frees customer from having separate mixing containers.

VS Design

For special customer requirement mixing heavy powder, we offer design where the mixing container is driven by shafts coming from bottom to up. The mixing results are identical with advantage of more mechanical rigidity.