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Laboratory Capacity

3 Ltr. & 10 Ltr.

Production Capacity

20 Ltr. , 35 Ltr. , 50 Ltr. & 75 Ltr.

Customized Capacity

upto 1000 ltr and above

Highest Homogeneity Results

In conventional mixers, the centrifugal force of the motion of rotation tends to favor segregation rather than mixing. The turbulence created (by baffles, inclined surfaces, etc.) is an afterthought and not intrinsic to the design of the blender

Number of Revolutions to Reach Homogeneity

Alphie 3D Mixing Principle

Investigations showed the broad significance of the 3D Mixing, which can mix Powder and liquid in any proportion in a closed system simply and efficiently without the need of paddles, stirrers or turbines.

Alphie 3D Shaker Mixer (based on Paul Schatz Inversion Principle) features a novel mechanical linkage system that conveys three-dimensional movement to the powder inside of the mixing container. The turn-tilting motion of the container offers a special advantage: The dynamic movement varies continuously across the whole sequence, yet the container comes back to its original position without having to spin around. Read More

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